with JANE

with JANE

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It began with beauty.

An imperfectly perfect

boundless bundle

of blossoming joy!


Oh, open heart where have you gone?

Why have you hidden from me, that spark of truth,

that is me!


Why have you covered my eyes with lenses

that see imperfection, fear, smallness, unworthiness

that teach my heart to contract

in the face of the mirror I stand before


When I look around, I see flickers of that spark I once knew,

amidst a dark terrain of suffering and illusion.


Oh contracted One, I bow to you

You whose presence is so strong!

Thank you for your impenetrable strength and for your steadfast commitment!


Thank you for teaching me to be strong and committed! Unwavering!

and for teaching me that by loving my closed heart, and unworthy one,

my being comes to know wholeheartedly, the truth of that

beauty and boundless joy.


                                                                                                                         Jane Kearns




Jane Kearns

Holistic Healing Practitioner


EMAIL:    JTWholeness@gmail.com

PHONE:  845-430-1044


In person sessions in NYC, telephone or skype/google hangout sessions are available.


Complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation is offered


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