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with JANE

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Some Key Elements of My Philosophy




I believe that at the core of each of us is our truest nature. Our light! Our Divine Goodness, that through life’s duality, imperfections and difficulties, we learn to disconnect from, muffle, hide, or disown, in varying degrees.  We as human beings tend to struggle with, not only owning our darkness or shadow selves, but also with owning our light, and letting it shine, fully and brightly!


In trauma, aka the human journey, we are wired to look for what is wrong or negative as opposed to what is right or working.  However, we are not doomed! Due to our current understanding of plasticity, we know the brain can change and learn to build new neural pathways…even positive ones ☺


The Inner Journey is composed of both external and internal factors:


       External = Life experiences including joys and hurts, traumas, history/lineage, genetics and the nature of being


       Internal = Who am I, which parts of me do I know, like and align with? Which parts of me don’t I know, like or want

       to be seen.


By compassionately and consciously working with self-destructive beliefs, thought patterns and distorted energy, whether it is conscious or unconscious, we can transform.


Suffering is an inherent part of life, but how we approach, open up to and relate to suffering, determines our outcome, reality, joy and freedom.


Awareness of one’s unconscious beliefs and images is often necessary in establishing deep healing. Forgiveness and acceptance are key aspects of the healing process. Sometimes we don’t even know that we are holding certain unconscious beliefs and judgments that warrant our release and forgiveness.


It is our birthright to reclaim ALL of ourselves!


Transformation is an alchemical process, where the energy of difficulties like anger, judgment or stuckness get to transmute into the golden light of their original form which we get to reclaim, and to use in service of our lives!


Love heals all.

Journey To Wholeness brings awareness and deep healing to support you in living your deepest truth, and fully living your most authentic life.



Jane Kearns

Holistic Healing Practitioner


EMAIL:    JTWholeness@gmail.com

PHONE:  845-430-1044


In person sessions in NYC, telephone or skype/google hangout sessions are available.


Complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation is offered


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