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with JANE

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Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH), also known as Integrated Kabbalistic Healing (IKH) ®, is a transformational healing modality that awakens us to our truest nature.  Nonduality is the understanding that things appear to be distinct from one another while in truth they are not separate.  NKH works on transforming our consciousness from a life of limitation to a life that is freer. From this perspective, everything within you deserves a place to be seen, acknowledged and reflected, even your difficulties and suffering.  In fact, your relationship with and inclusion of your difficulties and suffering are the catalysts and source of your healing and transformation.  For more information please visit:


Somatic Experiencing (SE) recognizes that the body has enormous wisdom that when accessed, can be a very powerful catalyst for health and healing. It is a potent method for resolving psychological trauma and supports you from the ground up by building and strengthening your internal resources that allow you to be more present, flexible, healthy, whole, and at ease.  Due to life’s difficulties and traumas, our bodies, at a cellular level can develop internal stress impressions and live in a state of nervous system dysregulation.  SE, is a way of resolving chronic stress and in its naturalistic approach, is a powerful way of utilizing your body’s wisdom and positive experiences as a resource.  Through the process of pendulation; ease, safety, calm and resiliency are re-established in the body.  In a sense, SE about knowing yourself in your body and utilizing your body to be an ally in health and wellness.  For more information please visit:



Who do I work with?

Clients who choose to work with me have very diverse motivations ranging from trauma, conflicts with family, self or life,  depression/anxiety, self-harming, to spiritual longing or quest for awakening, to a need or desire for more self-love, empowerment or joy and wholeness.  Sometimes it is a feeling that something is missing or holding you back, but the one thing clients have in common is that they are motivated and have a desire to heal at a deep level.


What is a typical session like?

Each session lasts 1 hour and can be done in-person in NYC, by skype/google hangouts or telephone. Every session is different and usually looks like talking, but much more is happening. There is usually an emphasis on body awareness and as we are talking, you will often be asked “what is happening now in your body” or “What do you notice….any areas of comfort or discomfort”? Often a hands on healing is given towards the end of the session, fully clothed, on a massage table. The healing can also be given at a distance, if it is a phone or skype/google hangouts session.








Please call to discuss service needs.


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Jane Kearns

Holistic Healing Practitioner


EMAIL:    JTWholeness@gmail.com

PHONE:  845-430-1044


In person sessions in NYC, telephone or skype/google hangout sessions are available.


Complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation is offered


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