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with JANE

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Jane is a soulful and insightful practitioner, who brings both skill and intuitive wisdom to her work as a healer. During a time of enormous growth and change, her guidance has allowed me to deepen my somatic awareness and trust my own reservoir of intuitive wisdom.


W.S. 2015

Chile, S. America



While studying for a master’s degree at New York University I sat in a class while a colleague made a presentation on trauma therapy modalities. The presentation included both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). After class I approached my professor whose expertise is trauma. I studied with him for over a year and trusted him, so I shared that I was skeptical about the presentation content, since I had tried them and they failed for me personally.  Having had early childhood trauma, I shared my current issue of frequent nightmares and asked his trusted professional opinion on what I should do. He responded without hesitation Somatic Experience Therapy. I was baffled. I was in my final semester of clinical social work school and had never heard of the modality. He gave me Jane’s number and as soon as I spoke with Jane I knew it was a right fit for me.


I have now been working with Jane for almost two years. Her style is gentle and calming and we work at a pace that works for me.  Slowly she has helped me to become aware of the messages my body is experiencing from an internal core place of knowing.  My capacity to tolerate difficult feelings or body sensations has grown as I have also strengthened in connection to my own wisdom.  My experience is deep healing.


 My work with healing my personal trauma is still in progress. Most importantly what I have learned from Jane is that I am separate from my trauma. I use to be so identified with it and now realize there is a lot more to me than the difficulty I experience inside. I am not a victim but a survivor. I am strong, powerful, and have many positive things happening in my life. This is an important revelation and redirection of my attention especially when I am attached to the trauma or connecting to internal difficulty with tunnel vision or being consumed by it.  The work can be tough for me but sessions are always ended in a place where I am left feeling held by Jane, the room and confidence that I am so much more than my difficulties.


NS 2014



Jane's healing work with me over the last 7 years has had an amazing impact and has changed my life so profoundly that it is really hard to put into words all that I have learned through working with her.  I had been severely depressed and anxious for a very long time and had been to many different practitioners but nothing seemed to help until I met Jane. I am not the same person I was before working with her. Instead of acting out unconsciously, I have learned a real sense of responsibility, as I have learned that I have choices and am responsible for my own life. I have learned to recognize and be with my feelings instead of avoiding, denying, or being overwhelmed by them.  I continue to work with her on accepting "what is" and things as they are, in a way that I am not feeling stuck, but, at ease and empowered to choose. These things have taken a long time for me to understand but have made all the difference   I am truly blessed to be able to work with such an amazing teacher and healer and am forever grateful for all that she has done for me.


Vanessa 2014




Jane is a loving, gentle, powerful healer whose compassion and presence manifest through every word and skill she employs. I absolutely cherish our time together.


Jonathan 2013




When I first called Jane Kearns five years ago, I had no idea of the path that I was embarking on; I only knew that I was in agonizing despair. I could not regulate my emotions. I had very little love for myself, and the world seemed a dark and unwelcoming place. I could barely find a reason to get up in the mornings and could not see a way forward without seeking help. So, I called Jane and asked for that help.….“There have been many moments like that, and she has not only helped me through them, but has taught me how to help myself through them…”


From the very first session, I could feel that Jane was fully present with me, and that she was deeply listening to me. I told her right up front that I needed to work with someone who would see through me when I pretended to be okay. I need not have worried, because from the start, it was clear, not that she saw “through” me…but that she really saw me.

These past few years have taken a lot of hard work, but Jane has given me the skills and the tools that I needed to transform my life. She has been with me every step of the way, and just having that support, that mirror to show me the positive changes that I was making, and having that reminder to really take in my victories no matter how small they seemed, gave me the strength and courage to continue doing the work.


Now, as I am learning to stand more and more on my own and to integrate what I’ve learned from Jane on this journey, the things that she has taught me are reflected back to me constantly on my path. I hear them in spiritual teachings, read them in books on neuroscience and mindfulness, and live them in my own experience of the world. But I realize that I never could have come to this point just by hearing teachings or reading the words in books. My own strength and balance were not developed enough for me to give myself the experiences that the books and the teachings advised that I have. Jane was there on the spot, and guided me to “having” the experience of loving myself, of watching my internal state and its sometimes wild and painful fluctuations without judging them or myself. She gave me the tools to find the resources within myself to find calm in the midst of my own inner turmoil. She helped me to grow in strength, become more balanced, and learn to trust my own wisdom, which is always there. She didn’t reach in and “fix me”, she taught me and showed me how to make small changes day in and day out that have changed my brain, my nervous system, and my experience of the world, of others and, most of all, of myself. When things get rough, I now have many resources to guide myself through it.

I talk to Jane less frequently now that I have really begun to integrate the skills that she has taught me, but I can honestly say that not a day goes by that she doesn’t enter my mind. When something big or small falls apart in my world, and I find myself standing firmly grounded and staying calm instead of falling apart right along with it, I think to myself, “I never could have done this before,” and I hear Jane saying, “What a victory.”


Kara 2012










Jane Kearns

Holistic Healing Practitioner


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